17 December 2017

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As salaamu alaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu.

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21 May 2017

Ramzan Ration Initiative 2017 : Collection Details @ 20-05-2017

Alhamdulilah by the generous contribution we have collected Rs 4,00,112/- (Four Lakh One Hundred and Twelve Rupees Only) which would be sufficient to provide monthly ration to around 200 families.

The total families which we have is 450 which means the total amount required to be raised is Rs 9,00,000/- ( Nine Lakh Rupees Only)

I request brothers and sisters to come forward and be a part of this initiative and earn the rewards from Allah.

Please don't wait until Ramzan to give your contribution as these Ration packets would be handed over to families 3-4 days before Ramzan

Alhamdulillah, distribution has started by covering immense needy families. 47 needy families were reached on Saturday night 20-5-2017. Some images of distribution given below. Please visit to see a small video of volunteers carrying the packets.

Schedule for Ramzan Ration distribution to families as given below. 

AreaDateC/O VolunteerCount
Slot 1Kondhwa, Katraj, Upper Indira Nagar22-5-2017Aasiya Aapa45
Slot 2City Areas23-5-2017Multiple84
Slot 3Suraksha Nagar, Hingne Mala24-5-2017Kuresha Aapa23
Slot 4Yerwada, Noorani Masjid24-5-2017Shabana Aapa25
Slot 5Market Yard, Shivajinagar24-5-2017Nafisa Aapa43
Slot 6Yerwada, Shantinagarnot decidedMuneer Sir58
Slot 7Khadkinot decidedMuneer Sir15
Slot 8Ram Nagar Hadapsarnot decidedMuneer Sir33
Slot 9Vaiduwadi, Birajdar Nagarnot decidedShabana Aapa46
Slot 10Sayyad Nagar, Tarawade Vasti28-5-2017Bano Aapa65
Slot 11Fatimanagar4-6-2017Safiya Khala30
Slot 12Kagzipura Kasba Peth4-6-2017Salim cable9
Slot 13Kondhwa4-6-2017Salim bhai sathi12

If you are unable to sponsor the monthly ration for entire family you can contribute as much as you can. Even Rs 100/- goes a long way Alhamdulilah
Please do forward this email to your known contacts so that they can be a part of this In sha Allah

You may transfer your contribution in bank account given below

Account No: 27011059955
IFSC Code: SCBL0036091

Note : Once you have transferred the amount kindly send a mail to for acknowledgement and confirmation.

May Allah make it easy for all of us to achieve the target and earn his Pleasure. Aamin

Best Regards,
Asif Dange
+91 9004981261

Ramzan Ration Food distribution video

Please view the small video of volunteers giving monthly ration to the families in immense need