31 January 2010

31st Jan'10 : 15th Safar 1431 Hijri

Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said,"You hear (from me), and others will hear from you; and people will hear from them who heard from you."
Dawud 25.3651

"O mankind! Be careful of ur duty to ur Lord who created u from a single soul & from it created its mate."
Quran 4.1

Aye Iman walo, Musibat ke waqt sabr aur namaz ke zariye se Allah ki madad mango, Beshak Allah sabr karne walo ka hi saathi hai.
Quran 2.153

Huzur sallallahu alaihi wa sallam ne farmaya joh shaksh mar jaye aur uspar roze farz reh jaaye, toh uska wali uski taraf se roza rakh le

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Anonymous said...

As salaamualaikum Wa rahamatullah Wa barakatullah...

Most of the time Allah uses a tiny voice inside us to let us know when we're not on the right path. Some people call it "the voice of peace." Whenever we're contemplating something and we don't have peace about it, it's a very good idea to stop and carefully look at the options. There's a reason you don't feel peace about it.

Sometimes we're able to "hear" something in our spirit that sounds to us like an actual audible voice. Or all of a sudden, you just know you heard something. Pay attention to those occasions because it is very likely Allah trying to tell you something.

When Allah talks, Shut up and Listen....