07 December 2008

SubhanAllah daily hadeeths

As salaam u alaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barqatahu.

To recieve daily Islamic messages on ur mobile type JOIN SubhanAllah and send it to 567678

InshaAllah u would recieve them daily on ur phone

You would be charged Rs 3/- for activation message and after that there wont be any charges.

I hope InshaAllah u would join and share this service with your friends and relatives so that they also recieve Islamice messages on their mobile.

Do remember the entire muslim ummah in ur dua.

May Allah guide us all to the straight path.

1 comment:

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

i have been a subscriber to Subhan Allah for a long time now.. found your comment on Gulshan's blog...
.. it is a grt work that u r doing..
May Allah bless you.
Allah hafiz