23 March 2010

Kya humne paaya aur kya khoya!!!

TV aayi, Need gayi
Film aaya, Islam gaya,
Gana aaya, Tilawat gayi
Cinema aaya, Madarsa gaya
Fashion aaya, Haya gayi
Cricket aaya, kaam gaya
Daulat aayi, Mohabbat gayi
Laalach aaya, sukun gaya
Bank aayi, Barkat gayi
Riwaz aaya, Sunnat gayi
Mobile aaya, Mulakat gayi


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Dear Friends

Assalam alaikum

We neither loose nor gain but only receive always may be good or bad or both.

If we receive all the good always with a mixture of shirk (association) with Allah, the Almighty then all the good deeds are converted to bad deeds because of a pollution in the absolute purity of the Authority . The pollution in the absolute authority results to the commitment of inexcusable crime.

There are 5 basic principles for becoming fully free of shirk:

1 In the very beginning nothing was there except the Creator, the Almighty. It is not sufficient to say that the creator created every thing but to say that the Creator created every thing from nothing to every thing.

No one was there to help Him and had there been any one, he would not have been in a position to help Him and over all He, being self sufficient in every respect, did not require help from any one.

One should confirm oneself at the level of creation of the universe including human being that the Creator is free from any association.

2 Since He is Creator of every thing , therefore He is the owner of every thing and no one is associated to Him in His Ownership of the Universe even our own body parts do not belong to us and infact they have been given to us by Him for our use as per His dictation.

3 Since He is the Creator and the Owner of the whole of the Universe there by He is the owner of the whole wealth in it declaring Him the only wealthy authority and declaring every one in the univers as a poor only.

Thus any poor can not give any thing to any one and thus every one has to ask for any thing and every thing including the guidance for here and herafter from Him only.

4 Since He is creator, Owner and Rich therefore He is the only Sustainer of the universe as well.

In a black night , on a black mountain when a leg of black ant is broken then He is the only Authority to feel the pain of the ant and to provide all the necessary aid to it.

We being the super creation and khalifa to Him how can He be unaware of our needs. We should confirm this concept at the level of our determination and belief.

5 Since He is the Creator, Owner. Rich and Sustainer therefore there is none other than Him to be obeyed.

Thus to obey Him is called worship to Him and the obeydience demands obedience for the whole 24 hours.

These concepts of tenets of true belief we got from the prophet for which all the prophets were sent therefore we should obey Him as per procedure of the prophet only.

Since the essence of the teaching of all the prophets were the tenets of true belief only thefore passing the message to others comes under the prophetic mission guaranteeing the same everlasting and everincreasing reward.

May Almighty bless all of us to share with the prophetic mission

a l khan

sabsam said...

very nice and true