12 September 2014

The speech of Eemaan is in abundance

The speech of Eemaan is in abundance, but it’s actions are few: Shaykh Aadil-As-Sayyid

Acting Upon Eemaan : Shaykh Aadil-As-Sayyid (may Allah preserve him upon good), who is from the people of knowledge in Egypt said :
You find many of the people today with the capabilities of giving wonderful speeches and classes on the rulings and pillars of Eemaan. However, you find few from the people acting upon Eemaan or implementing it. The speech of Eemaan is in abundance, but it’s actions are few. We must become people who are known by our actions of Eemaan and not just by our beautiful speech of it.
The Shaykh continued by saying, Da’wah is not just with the tongue, but it is with the actions of the limbs as well. Many came into Islaam after viewing and witnessing the Akhlaaq (manners) and Sulook (behavior) of Allah’s Messenger (Allah’s peace and blessings upon him). We must act upon the Eemaan that we so eloquently speak about. In shaa Allah. 

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Allaah loves from His slave that he beautifies his tongue with the truth, 
and his heart with Ikhlaas and love, turning repentantly and reliance upon Allaah. 
Ibn al-Qayyim - al-Fawaid 327

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