19 September 2014

True Goodness

True Goodness 

It is reported that Ali b. Abi Talib - Allah be pleased with him - said: 
Goodness is not in your wealth and offspring being plentiful; true goodness is when your [good] deeds are plenty and you have great understanding and forbearance, and when you compete to worship your Lord. If you do good you praise Allah and thank Him, and if you sin you beg Allah’s forgiveness. There is no good in this life except with two types of men: A man who sins but then corrects himself through repentance, and a man who strives and hastens to get [the good] of the hereafter

Ibn Asakir, Al-Tawbah article 13.

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Do not completely preoccupy yourself with the future and then discard the present. 
Be balanced in life, prepare yourself adequately for all situations.

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